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Since Jenny Bristow has become brand ambassador for Morso Outdoor products, cooking outdoors on her Forno has become something Jenny loves and has embraced with enthusiasm as a new exciting way in which everything you could cook indoors can now be taken outdoors and cooked easily in the Forno oven, from canapés to desserts.

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Bring together a 17th Century Irish Castle, a stunning landscape, a beautiful September evening, outdoor cooking on the Morso Forno oven and a Celebrity Chef and how could the night not be a roaring success!

In the grounds of Belle Isle Estate surrounded by history and grandeur, Jenny delighted 30 invited guests to an unforgettable experience.

These grand surroundings were an excellent backdrop for Jenny to showcase her cooking delights in an outdoor setting on the Morso Forno oven.

With the background of the Fermanagh lakes the Sunken gardens provided the perfect place to light up the flames on the Forno oven and to sip the delightfully prepared Pimms and Prosecco as the guests arrived and sampled the canapé starters prepared.

The scallops with parma ham wrapped in sage along with sliced fillet of beef wrapped in asparagus served on crusades of sour dough bread with aioli all cooked up in the Forno Oven started the evening off while Jenny was interviewed about her past and current activities and plans, not least the anticipated new cook book “Jenny at Home “ with a section dedicated to her new outdoor cooking with the Forno oven.

Mains of Summer style Salmon teriyaki with salt crusted baby potatoes and a Thai chicken dish with lemon grass, galangal and lime leaves were some of the dishes on offer, accompanied by salads that were fresh and satisfyingly tasty and home made breads cooked on the Forno oven.

Dessert didn’t disappoint either with hot fruits and spiced apple tart cooked on the Forno and a dramatic Ice bowl prepared by Jenny……

As the sun went down, the sunken gardens were alight with the flames of the Morso Forno and Kamino (Chiminea) burning continuing to keep everyone warm long into the late evening.

Another incredible outdoor event made successful by the partnering of Jenny and Morso outdoor products.

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